Email Hosting Plans

Our Advanced Email Hosting is a unique offering. Each mailbox includes 25 GB of diskspace and Mobile SYNC at no additional cost. Mobile SYNC will push email to your iOS or Android device including your contacts. If you have ever used Micrsoft Exchange, this uses similar technology at a lower cost. Prices start at a low $4.00 per email box.

Plans & Pricing

Choose one of the three plans available.

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Per Box

Buy a single email account at a time

Do you only need 1 or 2 email boxes? Use this link to get started.
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10 Pack

By packs of 10 email accounts at a time

Are you looking for a new email system for your organization. Buy the 10 pack and get your accounts setup quickly.
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5 Pack

Get 5 email accounts

The 5 pack is perfect for small businesses
with a few employees.
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