MailChimp Importer

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Plugins screen

MailChimp Importer is a WordPress plugin that can automatically import your MailChimp newsletters as WordPress posts. By using the WP Cron functionality it will automatically go out at the interval you specify and download the text version of your newsletters for you. Through the settings you can set the author and categories that get assigned to the post.



  1. Upload the hms-mailchimp folder into your wp-content/plugins folder.
  2. Navigate to the Plugins screen of your WordPress administration area. Click Activate on the MailChimp importer plugin.
  3. Navigate to Settings » MailChimp Importer and enter your API key.

The ShortCode

If you don't want to import the newsletters but show links to the archives we offer a shortcode to do that. By placing [ mailchimp ] anywhere in your post or page it will use the settings and grab your newsletters. You can also override the settings by adding attributes to your shortcode.

Attribute Default Description
apikey The key set in the settings Your MailChimp API key.
listid The list chosen in the settings The MailChimp mailing list for the campaigns you want to show.
showdate false Should the date be shown after the link?
dateformat m/d/Y h:i a The format of the date if it is shown.
cache 600 How many seconds to keep the links cached before updating through the MailChimp api